Our Services

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Crafting Your Dream Home
Our dedicated team specialises in creating bespoke new homes for both commercial contracts and individuals. We’re able to get you from the initial concept to completion. Trust us to turn your dreams and plans into a beautifully constructed reality, designed to bring comfort and satisfaction to you, or your buyer’s life.
Expanding Living Spaces

Transform your home with the expertise of JNR Building in expanding living spaces. Our house extension services are designed to breathe new life into your property, adding room and value that perfectly complement your needs. Whether you’re looking to create a spacious open plan, a new living room, a home office, or any other extension, we’ll work closely with you to ensure the result aligns with your vision and enhances your quality of life.

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Transforming Your Home
Renew your property and restore the inherent beauty of your home. Whether it’s a renovation project or a complete overhaul, we bring a fresh perspective to revitalising your property’s character. Our experienced team has a keen eye for detail, and we take pride in the art of renovation. From listed and period properties to modern homes, we work diligently to enhance the appeal and functionality of your living space. Trust us to breathe life back into your home, creating a space that’s both beautiful and practical.
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Unlocking Homely Potential
Unlock the hidden potential in your home with our domestic conversion services. Whether it be lofts, barns or garages, we have the expertise to bring unused spaces to life, adding both versatility and value to your property. Domestic conversions are a cost-effective way to maximise your living space and tailor it to your evolving needs. Whether a loft conversion that creates a new bedroom or a garage conversion that adds a cosy living area, we excel in transforming underutilised areas into functional spaces that align with your lifestyle.